radio shack

Your gramps probably got his UHF antenna here—maybe even your great-gramps. Now, in the mid-'00s, this classic ode to connectivity has regained its signal by embracing wireless tech while keeping all its cables, couplers, splitters, adapters, and extension cords online, too. Seriously: If the affordable hookup you need for your phone, satellite radio, PA, or plain ol' TV isn't here, it probably doesn't exist. Despite having sacrificed its own cheesy Optimus line of gadgets in favor of Monster Cable and Kenwood, et al., Radio Shack still has some of that fun, borderline hucksterish product you won't find anywhere else—such as the "Digital Audio Link" doohickey that allegedly lets you add rear-channel home theater surround (of some quality or another) without wires. Hell, we'll try it. But practicality rules here, too. In fact, if you think even remotely like a survivalist on a bad day, you know that the Shack will be your first stop to stock up on hand-cranked flashlights and old-school walkie-talkies once the zombies start biting.


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