Maybe your accountant showed you the money this year, but ours sure didn't. So while no recession will likely put the bottom line above the high-end when it comes to our audiophilic addictions, the faint hint of affordability does make it easier to...well, succumb. Among the upscale variety of A/V showrooms, this longtime local indie (whose sister store is in Eden Prairie off Highway 212) makes us feel right at home by keeping the old rug stained and the loudspeakers in tip-top shape—our very own priorities affirmed. Thousands of bucks can be spent here on speakers alone (is that rarefied enough for you?), although the sale rack can be music to your ears, too (how bout $369 for a pair of Paradigms?). And for the retro lover, right near the front door is a neat selection of Tivoli Audio kits—like mid-1960s transistor radios with better bass—for just a C-note apiece.


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