Obedience Training Club

Ask any metro-area canine adoption agency or foster family how best to teach an ill-tempered pooch some manners, and you'll understand why the Twin Cities Obedience Training Club has earned the distinction of "Best Dog Training" two years running. "Go to the TCOTC," they'll say reflexively (some will even make you promise in writing that you will). The reason: Dog lovers love the TCOTC's humane approach. The trainers at this 61-year-old nonprofit club allow no yelling, no slapping, and absolutely no choke collars. Instead, the trainers here preach positive reinforcement, a treat-fuelled approach that leads not only to a better-behaved dog, but a healthier dog-owner relationship (human squeals and canine face-licks are the norm). Classes start at $110, with flyball, agility, tracking, and therapy dog training available as well.


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