Don't be daunted if General NanoSystems is packed when you bring your ailing PC in. (Sorry, Mac users, you'll have to go elsewhere.) Simply set your computer on one of the store's many tables and relax. A technician will be at your side within minutes, lending an understanding ear and offering possible solutions—starting with the least expensive. If your problem is simple—say, a dead hard drive or blown power supply—you'll probably find yourself and your revitalized machine leaving after just an hour. And virus location and removal operations usually only take a few days. The place is a do-it-yourselfer's dream, too, with component and peripheral prices posted on a huge white marker board to accommodate an ever-changing array of specials. And, for users seeking a fresh start, the company offers a full range of customizable systems, starting in the $300 range.

Location Details

3014 University Ave. SE, Minneapolis
Minneapolis MN 55414


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