Let's get some technical matters out of the way first. At Top Shelf, you'll generally be getting made-to-measure rather than bespoke clothes. A bespoke garment is something made from a pattern specifically cut for the buyer and sewn in-house; a made-to-measure garment is sewn, usually at an outside location, from an existing pattern but tailored to meet the buyer's preferences and dimensions. You still get a potentially anxiety-producing array of choices (fabric, lapel width, trouser rise, etc.) from made-to-measure, but naturally you pay a lot less than you would if you had a tuxedo made for you by one of Saville Row's finest. The prices at Top Shelf are comparable to those at the fancy men's clothiers in town. In fact, custom shirts, suits, and overcoats are often cheaper than those from name brands. And if you really love clothes, the whole fitting and selection process is of the kid-in-a-candy-store variety. For shirts, Top Shelf offers a range of fabrics, from simple and reasonably affordable pinpoint oxfords to silky, high-thread-count cottons that you ought to feel guilty about buying. (Seriously.) They have a similar variety of suiting fabrics, and the best part is that the clothes will actually fit you. Top Shelf also offers expert in-house alternation for a fair price.

Location Details

3040 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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