Our one gripe with Cheapo is their nutty taxonomic system, especially how the powers that be divide what could be a huge but user-friendly pop/rock section into "classic rock," "modern rock," "metal," "punk rock," "punkabilly with some modest jazz-fusion influences," etc. Okay, not that last one. All this categorization forces the consumer to do lots of flitting around and guesswork—especially vexing since Cheapo's filing can be questionable. Country-rock pioneers the Flying Burrito Brothers wind up in classic rock, which is logical enough, but then why are other Burrito descendents in country? Ian Dury has to dwell with the fogies in classic rock but those Fall Out Boy poseurs get to be full-time punks? It's madness! The nice thing is that the used CDs are mixed in with the new, so you don't have to jump around between cellophane-wrapped and pre-owned—and you might stumble onto a used copy of something you were willing to pay full price for. The inventory is huge and eclectic—new gems and junkers are being added constantly and are filed in the massive new-arrivals section, subdivided (smartly this time) according to day the store acquired them. Prices are typically around nine bucks for good-condition desirable CDs, and lower for scuffed disks and more commonplace and less in-demand items. If you visit the store's three locations often enough (hey, don't you have work to do?), you might never pay full price for a CD again.

Location Details

1300 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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