Entering One on One from Washington Avenue will lead you to a coffee shop like so many others, with hardwood floors and local art on the walls. But customers taking their bikes in for repair will have to take the back way, the sort of creepy way—the way that involves venturing down the alley behind Sex World. It's really not so bad during daylight hours, though, and it's totally worth the trip. Two-wheelers brought into One on One are cared for by Gene, a mechanic who proudly sells $3,000 Bianchis but won't scoff at a lowly $50 Target bike. (Still better than a car, right?) But perhaps his most personable quality is his generosity. The biker looking for a replacement part could buy something shiny and new, but is usually offered a cheaper piece from the underground stock. The studio's basement is something of a bicycle cemetery, a junkyard for parts that still have some use in them. And they're always reasonably priced.

Location Details

117 Washington Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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