A little-known but accurate axiom is that organization is the spice of architectural salvage. In this case, "organization" means that little kick that turns a casual browse into a purposeful, focused buying expedition. Art & Architecture knows organization. Dozens of vintage windows, stained glass and otherwise, are filed neatly and accessibly. Glass shades and globes occupy rows of shelves, with the fixtures they might accompany in their own section. Racks of antique doorknobs, back plates, and rosettes stand at the ready, while other hardware waits nearby, sorted into boxes, all ready for your easy perusal. Larger and smaller items are found amongst all these, readily viewable and accessible. And if customer-friendly shopping isn't enough to win your heart, then maybe this will do the trick: In a business where prices can lean toward the ridiculous, Art & Architecture bucks the trend and offers quality pieces at a truly reasonable cost.

Location Details

3338 University Ave. SE
Minneapolis MN 55414


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