Superior Hiking Trail

Are you one of those armchair adventurers who subscribes to Outdoor magazine or Men's Journal and avidly reads about people roller skating down the Himalayas, or surviving a summer on psychedelic mushrooms, owl dung, and the lint scraped out of their Swiss army knife? Well, get off your ass and get real. At the crack of dawn on Saturday morning (or Friday night if you want to spring for a motel), hop in your car and drive up to the North Shore. Get on the Superior Hiking Trail and go for a walk. Opened in 1987, the SHT is a 205-mile footpath that follows a rocky ridgeline from Two Harbors straight up near the Canadian border. Although named one of the top 10 trails in the country by Backpacker magazine, it is not especially arduous, although there are some momentarily steep climbs that frequently put you into clearings with gorgeous views of Lake Superior. But best of all, there are trailheads with parking lots every five to ten miles along the way, enabling you to choose a section and make a day hike out of it; or carve the hike into two days by staying overnight at one of the 70 back-country campsites—no fees, permits, or reservations are required. You can eventually traverse the entire trail through two or three dozen of these marvelous weekend hiking trips. Stop in at the Superior Hiking Trail Association store and office in Two Harbors for more information.


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