Robert Robinson's

Maybe it's because he really is shaped like a bowling ball (even Kirby Puckett was never quite this round), but the sounds that come out of Robert Robinson's mouth have an especially vivid resonance and profundity of tone. Without a hint of strain, his voice envelops the room, and even old standbys like "Bridge Over Troubled Water," "A Change Is Gonna Come," and "Higher and Higher" (all from his seventh and latest disc, Inspiration) acquire new luster. You're more likely to hear Robinson in church or at a corporate or charity function than you are to catch him in a club. But he does tour with pianist-vocalist Lorie Line, and is founder and executive director of the Twin Cities Community Gospel Choir, which frequently plays at Minnetonka High School Arts Center, especially around Mother's Day. And the two or three special occasions when he's delivered the national anthem at Wolves games have been some of the precious few highlights of their season.


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