One word: Astroturf. That's right, the stuff of indoor sports and welcome mats has moved outside to the courts of Bassett Creek Park. It's like Minnesota's answer to Wimbledon's grass courts, found in a (free) public park no less. A quick 15-minute drive from downtown Minneapolis brings you to this 70-acre park—plenty of room to mill about while waiting for one of the three courts to free up. The benefits of plastic grass are many. For one, it's similar to a natural grass court in ball speed (fast) and bounce (low)—ideal for power players but fun for the rest of us as well. Two, the Astroturf is on a padded underlay so it's better for your knees and joints than the traditional hard surfaces of most park courts. And three, the surface is sprinkled with sand so you can slide in to return those über-fast ground strokes without the risk of turf-toe. Not to mention the fact that this stuff dries faster than hard courts and is less slippery when damp, so you can hit the courts faster after one of our many spring showers.

Location Details

32nd And Xenia Ave. N.
Robbinsdale MN 55422


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