The Double Deuce

There's something oddly comforting about cozying up next to a stripper you could probably hit on if you saw her out at the bar some random night. If you want the Scores of the Twin Cities, go to Seville or Sheik's: all low-level, modern, tinted lighting and faux-burlesque chic, with the best-looking girls—and the most expensive drinks. If you want a neighborhood, working-class tavern that just happens to have tits flashing in the back room, hit up the Double Deuce. Located in Northeast, the DD recently went through some legal trouble thanks to a January City Council vote to end topless dancing outside the downtown adult entertainment zone. The bar's owner, Glenn Peterson, has a pending federal court date. In the meantime (and for the past 20 years), the Double Deuce offers all the comforts of a traditional Nordeast bar—cheap, strong drinks, Lion's Club pull tabs, meat raffles, and a casual atmosphere where drinking is king—with the added bonus of a striptease on the crummy stage in the back. Regulars come for the atmosphere; newbies come for the tits, which eventually fade into the background beneath the clinking of beers after a long day's work.


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