Sunfolwer Ice Cream

It's true that there are many admirable foods served up at the State Fair. The $2 U of M milkshakes are filling yet economical, the deep-fried candy bars are a poetic ode to sugar-hedonism, the mac-n-cheese on a stick is weird yet tasty, and of course everyone is obligated to consume at least one cheese curd or else fail to understand the true meaning of the fair. But for those looking for something a little more off the beaten path—something for which you may only have to stand in a line behind a few people rather than one winding down the street—there's sunflower honey ice cream. Its stand is located in the Agriculture-Horticulture building, where you can order up a bowl or cone of vanilla-honey or chocolate-honey and gaze upon the wall of bees behind the glass, blissfully unaware that the product of their neurotically hard work will result in tasty treats for human consumption. Like a natural Rocky Road, this sweet treat is far better than pedestrian ice cream flavors like strawberry or chocolate chip—some licks are sweet and creamy, some swirled with threads of syrupy honey, and others are sunflower-crunchy. It's the perfect treat whether watching the parade, buzzing by an award-winning orchid display, or watching kids run screaming from the giant talking robot that roams up and down Cosgrove Street throughout the day.


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