The music is deafening, the bikes are old, and let's not even think about how much sweat is soaked into the wooden platforms. But hey, you're burning 900 calories an hour and having about as much fun perspiring as one can have outside the bedroom. Stop complaining and bike harder. At the Firm you'll find divas of all types, and many of them reserve their bikes by draping designer bags over them. So unless you're taking the 6:15 a.m. class, you might need to call eight days in advance to reserve your spot. Classes are a full hour long and the instructors don't wear headsets. They yell over the impossibly loud music or just signal to turn the resistance up even higher. Everyone there knows your name and the regulars treat new people like long-lost relatives (or maybe new cult recruits). One would think that in the midst of the omnipresent hard bodies, there'd be lots of ogling and judgmental glances. But one would be thinking incorrectly. Amidst all the fabulousness, the Firm's ultra-friendly staff and regulars assure you, with each smile, hello, and motivational shout, that beauty really is on the inside.

Location Details

245 Aldrich Ave. N
Minneapolis MN 55405


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