In college, Scott Hreha sated thrill-hungry jazz fans by booking artists like Peter Brotzmann and Susie Ibarra as part of the U of M student organization/DIY booking agency, Tone Scientists. Meanwhile, he was building a website to house concert photos, record reviews, and essays on jazz history. Over the years, has evolved into a freestanding online magazine. The layout is a clean, fact-crammed grid that showcases hundreds of archived record reviews and columns. While its writing is as crisp as the layout and scholarly in tone, OFN avoids dryness, which is crucial if you need to know what Roswell Rudd's up to, what's in the latest round of Columbia Legacy reissues, or how a new crop of improvisers worldwide is dismantling and reassembling the jazz tradition. Nowadays, the magazine has an aural outlet with Hreha's Monday night show on KFAI. Tune in and you could catch anything from Derek Bailey to Dexter Gordon with a Can, Madvillian, or Konono #1 track thrown in for spice.


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