Midtown Greenway

Biking in the city is great, but weaving single file through traffic and potholes is not the best precursor to getting laid. Tucked down from the busy and brighter streets, the Midtown Greenway becomes a quiet spot to take a breather. The ongoing expansion of the city trail system provides a huge loop throughout the city that you can take into downtown, across to the Mississippi (this portion will be completed by fall), or out to the suburban trail systems. With the Greenway's wide, smooth trails, ambient lighting, and blissfully few distractions, you can focus on your date, even pausing for a quick canoodle in one of the various urban gardens along the route. West of the lakes, the trail is often empty, even on summer nights. For at least the next few years, the Midtown Greenway is for bikes and foot traffic only—with mass transit coming sometime on the horizon.


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