In an area filled to the brim with extraordinarily talented musicians, it's no easy task to pick one single band that is "The Best." But Sicbay, having recently celebrated their seventh anniversary, are overdue for some well-deserved attention. Having released three full-length albums, an EP, and six split 7-inches with such notables as Deerhoof and Austria's Valina, the band have earned their place in the winners' circle. Spiking sophisticated compositions with a diamond-hard edge, Sicbay somehow remain quite catchy, consistently causing fans to sing along at their shows. On their latest full-length, Suspicious Icons, Dave Erb's lead guitar pulls you through each song as though he's giving you a tour of the scenery being laid out by singer Nick Sakes and drummer Greg Schaal. Sicbay bring so much focused energy to the stage that they put younger, showier compatriots to shame. Not that there isn't something spectacular about seeing a hiply dressed rock singer running around, throwing equipment, and creating general chaos, but these guys make you wonder how much better some of those bands might sound if they put half as much energy into their music as they do their image.


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