Fat Boy Billiards is a no-nonsense pool hall for no-nonsense pool players. The fourteen pool tables, two snooker tables, and two billiard tables are part of what sets this place apart from the others: They're all well-maintained, clean, and flat. The cues are fairly unwarped (you'll have to come up with some other excuse for your bad shots), though of course most of regulars bring their own. And the prices are competitive too: $5.50 per hour for one person, $8.50 per hour for two or more. On the weekends, it's only 50 cents more an hour. The lighting can feel a little bright at times. But then, that helps illuminate all the autographed photos of greater and lesser pool legends up on the walls. Owners "Dashing" Danny Cousins and his wife Brenda have been around long enough to meet many of these men. They're hard workers who love the game, and that's where they focus their attentions. Yeah, you can get nachos or pizza, and they have a few video games and a jukebox. But you can't get booze—which, whatever you may tell yourself, really doesn't help your game. And you're going to need all the skill you can muster if you're going to play the games that a lot of the old-timers here favor: golf, straight pool, and one-pocket.

Location Details

1920 Central Ave. NE
Minneapolis MN 55418


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