Some may think a university is an intimidating place to learn to dance, fearing that the studios will be filled with ambitious dance majors. But it really all depends on what you want from the experience. If your goal is to seriously study dance and earn a degree in the subject, the University of Minnesota is certainly among the top programs in the country. As testament to that fact, many of the Cities' finest local dancers are among its graduates. But the U also offers a great selection of classes that are open to the public through its day school and the College of Continuing Education. Technique classes—including modern, ballet, tap, and contact improvisation—are available, as are introductions to several world and folk-dance forms, including African, Arabic, Flamenco, and Tango. Budding ballroom dancers (or folks just inspired by Dancing with the Stars) even have an opportunity to polish up their rumbas and waltzes. The faculty comprises many respected choreographers, the sessions are long enough to at least get the hang of whatever new skills you're learning, and the tuition is reasonable. Take enough classes and soon you too might be leaping like the dance majors.

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500 21st Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55455


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