Global warming is threatening to make outdoor skating an extinct Minnesota pastime (or a sport for danger-freaks only). Till then, though, this wonderland-ish rink might be Edina's premier attraction (depending on how you feel about Southdale). It features three big ponds connected by canals, making for more interesting routes than the standard circular monotony. The nearby office parks keep the setting from being exactly paradisiacal, but it's more than pleasant—quaint but not cute. The skating is free, as it should be, and the rental fees are reasonable, though the rental desk doesn't open till 4:00 p.m. on weekdays. (That said, you can hit the ice at noon: Edina, where the poor and skate-less can never catch a break!). The ice park is open from roughly mid-December through mid-February (in 2046 it'll be equipped for year-round waterskiing), thus accommodating an ideal family outing over the holiday break and a nostalgic Valentine's Day date.

Location Details

7499 France Ave.
Edina MN 55435


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