St. Croix River

With more than 150 miles of flowing curves, lush green scenery, ancient geological features, passing wildlife, and plenty of fishing, the St. Croix River provides a channel for the clumsy amateur and the more experienced rapid-runner alike. If you don't mind seeing some low-speed powerboats here and there, the stretch between Taylors Falls and Apple River offers scenic bluffs and high quality canoeing conditions regardless of water levels. For those people looking for more of a challenge, the Gordon Dam to Riverside route may be more exciting during the high water season. This two-day trip alternates between peaceful water and tight passages with rocks scattered beneath you. Plan well though, as there are limited campsites along this stretch. If rapids are your game, the day trip between Nelson Landing and Highway 70 provides some good Class I rapids to test your grit. A variety of outfitters will rent boats and provide a reasonably priced pickup service; for a helpful list, visit the National Park Service website at


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