Tuesdays through Saturdays at this Warehouse District basement club are reserved for big-name locals (like Dave Mordahl and Darlene Westgor), talk-show circuit veterans, and B-plus-list coastal types. Which is all well and good, but in the age of Arrested Development and The Office, the real funny is born of uncomfortable silences and awkward characters. And for that, no open mic in the metro can hold a whoopee cushion to Acme's Monday night amateur showcase, "Caught in the Act." For an hour and a half each week, the Twin Cities' best and worst alike show up to test their material on a breathing audience. And the crowd is generally agreeable in their guinea pig role. On a good night you can see several would-be comedians kill, but it's the inevitable busts that really appeal to the recreational sado-voyeurist. Suck down a couple of boozy cocktails (at downtown prices, but generously served in what look like milk jugs), and it's easy to enjoy the thick discomfort that fills the room when a joke goes sour. "Minnesota nice" rules the room, so don't get any ideas about heckling or rotten fruit. Still, the chance to laugh at a few schmucks—and maybe the next Nick Swardson while you're at it—is surely worth the free admission.

Location Details

708 N. 1st St.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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