When Coon Rapids City Council member Joe Sidoti recommended changing the name of his fair suburb back at the start of this year, we were all for it. Sidoti argued that the name conjured a sort of rural, backwoods sensibility that was, well, a tad embarrassing. "We've got a city of 65,000 people," he said. "Does the name Coon Rapids conjure up the name of a thriving city?" Additionally, there's the fact that the city's name innocently contains what for many is a hurtful racial epithet. Best still, how often do you get to rename a city? Our initial suggestion was going to be "Poon Rapids," as we thought it might prove a boon to tourism. Unfortunately, as it turns out, to Coon Rapids residents our marvelous bon mot was something of a stale witticism. Apparently, adjoining suburbs have been calling the city Poon Rapids for some time now, and not out of affection. On, alternate suggestions flew fast and furious, including "The City Formerly Known as Coon Rapids," "Not Overtly Racist" and the sublimely point-missing "Coon Creek." Our vote, however, goes to a suggestion from Sam of that seems to get right through to the heart of the matter. Sam's suggestion: Increasingly Indistinguishable Minneapolis Suburb #41.


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