Spring Street Tavern

Combine cheap beer, a rec room atmosphere, and a sloppy, tasty batch of chili cheese fries and you've got yourself a pretty nice little neighborhood hangout. Head to Spring Street Tavern on a Saturday and grab some really cheap beer (read: $5 for a pitcher of Premium) and you've got the best neighborhood bar in Minneapolis. Tucked away in a sleepy part of Nordeast, the bar, like its near-doppelganger across the street, the Moose on Monroe, looks like your average townie bar and has most of the prerequisites—rainbow Zubaz on at least one patron, a faded green-felt pool table lit by a hanging Bud Lite lamp, a smattering of flannel and mesh hats. But downstairs hides Club Underground, the Cities' most unpretentious music venue. Showcasing music nearly every night of the week (from the Sunday Jazz Series to Punk Rock Wednesday), Underground serves as the perfect basement party within the larger after-work-drink joint.

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Location Details

355 NE Monroe St.
Minneapolis MN 55413


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