Randy Kelly

Yeah we know: He's not mayor anymore and he's kind of a prick. But in the months since Randy Kelly suffered the most monumental electoral butt-whooping we can recall, we've grown sentimental for his boorish brand of Boss Tweed politics. The East Sider ran St. Paul like his own private fiefdom, with no one else (least of all his fellow elected officials) entitled to any say whatsoever in the city's affairs. It was a style peculiarly suited to the no-nonsense, strong-mayor system of governance in the Capitol City. (We can't for a minute imagine Kelly putting up with the flaccid mayoral scheme in place across the river.) Endorsing the reelection of President Bush proved a monumental, moronic miscalculation that he could not overcome. But aside from some budgetary shenanigans, life was generally decent for St. Paulites during Kelly's reign. Property taxes stayed down, crime remained low, and he didn't dump millions of taxpayer dollars into ill-advised development schemes (like his predecessor, Norm, now residing in Washington) in order to garnish his legacy. We'll miss Boss Kelly.


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