Peruse a martini menu at any trendy bar around town and you may see items that are far from an actual martini—drinks that are watered down with "secret ingredients" like artificially-flavored fruit juice, drinks that don't even contain hard liquor, and drinks that call themselves martinis based on the glass they're poured into. But like someone wearing a celebrity mask at a Halloween party, they can't fool us. That said, Moscow on the Hill won't try to sucker you. Their martinis include ingredients that could only water-down household cleaners. The Dirty Martini (vodka, vermouth, and a splash of olive juice straight from the jar) is the kind of drink that, if not consumed wisely, will leave you quite hungover the next day. Other sexy varieties include Mikhail's Martini—a version that uses coffee-flavored vodka (rather than diluting the drink with nonalcoholic coffee), vanilla vodka, and Amaretto. Or try the Russian Roulette (pepper-infused vodka with a splash of dry Vermouth). Pick your favorite flavor and choose from the list, or go with arguably the best, the original martini. Sure, they can be pricey, and there have been grumblings since the prices have gone up a bit, but really, it's worth it if you're an enthusiast. Plus they're strong enough that the average drinker probably just needs one or two for the entire night (especially if you gulp them rather than sip, as the menu suggests is the best way to consume vodka).

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371 Selby Ave.
St. Paul MN 55102


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