Who can possibly keep up with all the grim news transpiring around the world these days? Civil war in Iraq, mounting bloodshed in Afghanistan, nuclear rumblings from Iran, genocide in Sudan. It's all a bit bewildering to comprehend. That's why Cursor, with its peerless cataloguing of the day's important news stories, is so valuable. The site's tireless, crackerjack staff stays up all night culling through reports of the world's latest atrocities, and assembles them in an incisive, witty, easy-to-read digest. In addition, the site's collection of links to other essential, non-mainstream websites and blogs is first rate. Also of note is Cursor's "Media Transparency" project (, an encyclopedic look at the country's network of conservative philanthropists and operatives. It proves that, paranoia aside, there really is a vast right-wing conspiracy.


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