Dean Zimmerman

"Money, money, money." That's how former Minneapolis City Council member Dean Zimmermann allegedly responded when asked by a developer how he could garner his support for a zoning change. According to an FBI search warrant affidavit, Zimmerman was taped making this seemingly incriminating demand on June 6 at a restaurant. Seven months later the Green Party member was indicted by a grand jury on four criminal charges. He's alleged to have taken $5,000 from the developer of the Chicago Commons condominium and retail complex in exchange for supporting a zoning change. In addition, the government accuses Zimmermann of snapping up $2,200 from the same developer as an incentive to support a retail development aimed at the Somali community. With this cloud of suspicion hanging over his head, Zimmermann was narrowly voted out of office in November. He has pleaded not guilty, and we hope he's ultimately vindicated. After all, Zimmermann is one of the nicest (and strangest) men ever to hold elected office in Minneapolis. But it's tough to get past that one phrase: "money, money, money."


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