Birthday Suits

Sweet J.A.P. were an energetic five-piece garage rock band who were barely restrained by the stages they played. So you'd think Birthday Suits, composed of less than half of the old band's lineup, would be able to keep things more contained, right? Wrong. So, so wrong. Hideo Takahashi explores the outermost edges of the band's performance spaces and sometimes winds up charging into the crowd, standing on bars, rocking out anywhere there's room for him to be. His guitar-cord-tangling rampages have made even the First Avenue stage seem too small for the duo. Meanwhile, Matthew Kazama is confined to his seat, but there's an ever present, unspoken fear that the drummer's raw power could result in errant sticks or even a bass drum accidentally punted into the audience. How were these guys ever in a band with three other dudes? Probably with a multitude of casualties.


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