Communities United Against Police Brutality

Unfortunately, not everyone who is charged with a duty to "protect and serve" does so in a positive or even legal manner. Communities United Against Police Brutality (CUAPB) aims to rectify this reality by empowering victims of abuse to seek justice while working for change in the system through direct action, court observation, lawsuits, and public education. It scrutinizes the decisions of judges, legislators, and community leaders to ensure appropriate action is taken to redress harms and that the laws extends protections for the public, not just the police. CUAPB offers many tools, including a 24-hour hot line, help with finding legal representation, and a website database of complaints against individual police officers. Making a complaint against a police officer can be isolating, and often the process is filled with roadblocks and intimidation. CUAPB steadfastly stands behind those who are taking this difficult and sometimes unpopular step, making the cause of one a cause for all.


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