Hennepin Avenue at I-94

Let's face it: Drinking and driving isn't what it used to be. Sure, Daddy was good at it, but Minnesota has finally hopped on the .08 wagon. No more whipping doughnuts in the K-Mart parking lot with the toddler on your lap. There's good news for weekend tipplers, though, especially those who favor downtown Minneapolis and Loring Park. Steer into the city-run lot beneath I-94, right next to the Basilica, and your car is safe until Monday morning (sort of like your job). From there it's a short jog to Lurcat or Joe's Garage. The Warehouse District is a 10-minute walk down Hennepin Avenue, or you can catch the bus at the corner for 50 cents. Later, when your friends pour you into a cab, sleep soundly. You've got all weekend to remember where you parked.


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