Though suburban communities have recently been growing their farmers' markets—or creating new ones—the Minneapolis Farmers' Market is still the best place for a wide selection and good deals. And while the Minneapolis market might not be able to boast of an uppity ban on non-local items (cough, St. Paul), there's still plenty of homegrown fare. Local stuff is marked, too, so if you want to maintain your own uppity prejudice in favor of Minnesota's wares, you can ensure that your beeswax candles come from locally raised bees and not some foreign imposters. But the welcome attitude toward out-of-state goods means that there will also be bananas and mangoes among the array of foods and crafts and plants and other stuff cramming the tables. And we do mean stuff. While the first and main reason we go to the farmers' market will always be for the fresh sweet corn (and organic herbs and spices, and fresh flowers by the bundle, and...dammit, there's too much), there is increasingly more to buy in the way of homemade soaps, fancy little notebooks, and other un-farmed but quite nice doodads. Not that they'll ever replace that sweet, sweet corn.

Location Details

312 E. Lyndale Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55405


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