The Go! Team

Admit it. When you first heard the Go! Team's cartoon-crazy debut, Thunder, Lightning, Strike, you figured the band was a bunch of cute little Asian cheerleaders teeny-bopping through their uncle's record collection—an anime-on-acid waltz with equal measures of the Jackson 5 and Scooby Doo. If you were lucky enough to see them explode onstage at First Ave last October, you found out you were only partly right. Two cute Asian girls are on the six-part roster headed by harmonica-wailing Ian Parton and vocally helmed by the shaken-soda-can-energetic MC Ninja. In concert, the female rapper fills out the raucous jams—which range from trumpet-teeming car-chase themes to languorous banjo-riff-driven playground romps—with old-school, Sugarhill Gang-style flow, all while dancing her ass off and leading the crowd through a 90-minute British-teenage-basement dance party. No one left this show without a smile on her face and a wiggle in her hips, especially those lucky kids (looked like 12-year-olds, were probably 16) who bounded onstage to revel in the playfully magic world the Go! Team create—full of crack-tastic marshmallowy cereals and surreal Saturday-morning cartoons, where double-Dutch chants function as dance-floor anthems, and Linus and Lucy snort Pixie Stix for the sugar high.


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