Brother and Sister Summer Camp

So many nights spent at the Entry/Turf/Triple Rock seeing Mallman/P.O.S./STNNNG and winding up drunk/partly clothed/dancing 'til dawn make for a lot of blurry recollections. Michael and Katie Gaughan plan their family-friendly events with the express purpose of having their fans remember. That's why other Brother and Sister gigs have involved sets at the YWCA, the St. Louis Park Aquatic Center, and the Scott County Jail. The daylong biking adventure known as Brother and Sister Summer Camp wasn't really a show, but rather a series of Kodak moments. Like, remember that one time when we went from watching Diamonds play on the roof of Robot Love to eating a picnic lunch at Lake Calhoun with Woodcat? And Brother and Sister played in the middle of a roller rink while everyone skated around them? And then Mute Era provided the soundtrack to a game of water-balloon Capture the Flag? That was awesome—and awesome in the literal sense; each new location and activity sparked disbelief. That "concert" will be etched into brains for years to come thanks to a pair of siblings who treat every day like summer vacation.


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