The Red Dragon is a dive bar and restaurant that somehow manages to have a certain pseudo-poshness thanks to its 1920s Japanese gangster decor and woodwork. The jukebox is usually loud enough to drown out the worst pickup lines, but there's also a more quiet back room with tables long enough to hold your best friend's drunken birthday party. And drunk is how every celebration at the Red Dragon turns out. Even the most bionic of livers doesn't stand a chance against the tropical drinks served at the Dragon—especially the highly flammable Mai Tai, served in a glass that seems to get fuller the more you drink, and made with a surprising amount of rum. But despite the highly alcoholic nature of the cocktails, they don't taste like they were made prison-style in a garbage bag. All are served cold and mixed with the fine-tuned precision of an expert mechanic—no gag-inducing pools of rubbing alcohol lurking at the bottom or hanging noncommittally at the top. These are the sorts of drinks that taste delightful while the silent-but-deadly liquor takes effect.

Location Details

2116 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55405


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