Karl Frankowski And Jeff Dubois

The highly competitive electronic music community has had one big glow stick up its ass for years, taking itself seriously despite a ridiculous history that includes elephant-legged phat pants, candy necklaces, and liquid-style dancing. Crushing notions of meticulously preplanned three-hour sets that barely flirt outside stiff genre lines, the boys who call themselves Attitude City are making it all right—dare we say cool even—to rock a hot-pink Hypercolor windbreaker and Ray Bans while a mixing a Jermaine Stewart record into an Italo disco banger or Mantronix track. Making real magic with their theme parties ("Crime Scene Edition," "Red Hot Edition," and most recently, one in which they staged their own abduction), ex-house jock Karl Frankowski (f.k.a. Karl Who?) and Canadian expatriate Jeff Dubois create an environment you'd expect to find at some sassy New York socialite's loft party. It's just as much about style, ambiance, and freedom as it is about the music. "Our fans do need to be able to ride the fine line between cheesy and sophisticated," says Dubois. "We throw parties that are like badly translated Japanese subtitles. The less time you spend worrying about if you look acceptable or dance right, the more time you can spend having a musical fit with your pants around your ankles." Frankowski, who jokingly says he left Karl Who?'s body in an alley in Chicago, echo's Dubois's sentiment: "We're all about comfortably embracing guilty pleasures—like Haddaway's 'Baby Don't Hurt Me.' Shut up. You know you love it, too." We hope you never lose the 'tudes, dudes.


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