In January this improbable duo sent a letter to City Pages attacking a cover story that suggested their relationship was on the skids. The mayor and then-police chief of Minneapolis vigorously defended their working partnership while pillorying those who had suggested to CP that things were less than hunky-dory down at City Hall. "As a pair of reform-minded mavericks who don't always play by the old rules, we understand that some of our actions will ruffle feathers and generate undermining rumors from those who don't want us to rock the boat," they wrote in prose so nauseatingly self-congratulatory that even a politician should have been mortified. "We will stick to the work of public safety and let the rumor mongers do what they do best: talk." So what exactly happened two months later? McManus announced that he had accepted a job as San Antonio's chief of police. Now, a quick look at our atlas reveals that San Antonio is in Texas, approximately 1,250 miles south of Lake Street. Call us cynical, but that seems like a strange perch from which to work on public safety issues in Minneapolis. Then again, he and the mayor should get along just fine from here on out.


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