Uptown Bar and Cafe

Once upon a time in Minneapolis history, this greasy-spoon diner was a popular destination for visiting musicians—and really, what is more rock 'n' roll than drinking alcohol first thing in the morning? It's undeniably the best time to order up a Bloody Mary from the Uptown Bar and Café. What you'll get is a celery-salt-rimmed, ice-cold pint loaded with tomato juice, vodka, Worchester sauce, and other presumably secret ingredients. At first sip it's a little salty, but soon the drink becomes as cool and refreshing as summertime lemonade. And of course each Bloody Mary serving comes with its favorite sidekick, a double shot of beer. Dig around and you'll find a pickle wedge to munch on as you wait for your enormous serving of classic diner breakfast fare. Plus, morning drinkers can opt to keep the glass, which is considered a rite of passage for many bar-hopping hangover-breakfast connoisseurs.


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