Nihilist in Golf Pants

A political blog not completely composed of spittle-spewing invective and pearl-clutching indignation? No smug harrumphing over opposition missteps or the echoing national committee talking points? 'Tis a rare breed indeed. The Nihilist in Golf Pants contributors take their cues more from P.J. O'Rourke and David Letterman than like-minded bloggers Michelle Malkin or Little Green Footballs. Instead of venomous diatribes, one is more likely to find hilarious Top 11 Lists on Ruth Bader Ginsburg's impromptu naps, Michael Brown's résumé padding, and groups the president won't allow to run U.S. ports, all of which say more about their topics than any rambling screed. NIGP's tongue-in-cheek approach to dissecting the day's political news wins over readers of any political stripe.


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