For the online voyeur, personal blogs offer the seductive charge of reading someone's innermost thoughts, akin to reading their diary, which, of course, you're doing, only the writer has been kind enough to publish it on the internet for all the world to see. Sadly, most blogs, like those old hardcover diaries, only hold the interest of the writers themselves. We cull through personal blogs for that rare opportunity to enter the lives of people unknown yet instantly familiar, the kind of folks Studs Terkel is so adept at unearthing. Kid Tiger at Driver2165 allows a daily glimpse into the life of an MTC bus driver, fueled by stories rich with quirky and eccentric passengers, and with situations both hilarious and dangerous. We learn of secret bus-driver bathrooms in underpasses, vomiting out the windows onto passing BMWs, and mobile bachelorette parties. With the birth of a baby girl, Kid Tiger's focus has shifted somewhat to the misadventures of first-time fatherhood, including all of the diaper rash and poop stories one can handle. It's another facet to his life that is still well worth the read.


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