The category isn't "Best Bar" or even "Best Atmosphere at a Bar;" it's "Best Beer Selection," and Williams is like that rich kid in high school rolling around in a new H2. He's pretty full of himself, but damned if he's not going to be homecoming king with a "10" for a queen while you're stuck pounding Everclear, hoping to turn your "6" into an "8." Despite its college-boy clientele, Williams has it all: 300-some bottled beers in coolers lined up behind the main bar and over 70 barreled in the keg room behind the peanut bar. No one in the Cities even comes close to the sheer breadth of Belgian Ales and British Stouts—you name it, Williams probably has it. You could spend hours perusing the menu—which is just about the amount of time you'll need to get over the fact that you're surrounded by frat guys on furlough from Dinkytown—and still have to narrow down a list of 20. Then you'll have to figure out what size you want: British-pub, after-work pint glass or giant, German, let's-get-fucked-up beer stein. Once you've taken a sip of "that one beer I tried when I was visiting my cousin in Denmark," you'll understand why you came to Williams.

Location Details

2911 Hennepin Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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