Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge

Okay, so the ambience isn't as romantic as W.A. Frost or the Black Forest Inn, and the views aren't as spectacular as a place like Café Lurcat, but Psycho Suzi's outdoor dining patio has other things going for it that some of the more obvious choices don't—like unpretentious personality and drinks so potent they are a mini spring break all in themselves. Part old A&W stand, part tiki lounge, and part Nordeast neighborhood beer-and-pizza joint, Suzi's offers an outdoor seating area that is a summertime trifecta of grass, poured concrete, and wooden multi-level deck. The menu includes not just pizzas, but also items found at any family picnic—deli sandwiches (including vegan-friendly Tofurkey and soy cheese), deviled eggs, and miscellaneous pickled items, as well as State Fair delicacies like cheese curds, red rockets (beer-battered mini-wieners), and onion rings that are never soggy or gooey. Throw in a couple of rum-loaded frou-frou drinks with names like Paralyzed Polynesian and Volcanic Eruption and you won't know whether you're in Cancun, Disney World, or just good old Nordeast. Pay a little extra and you can keep your clay mug (they come shaped like pirates, skulls, and tiki-gods) just like a vacation souvenir. Shouldn't dining outdoors always be like a little bit of vacation? At Psycho Suzi's it is, plus personality.

Location Details

1900 Marshall St. NE
Minneapolis MN 55418


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