King's Fine Korean Cuisine is two great restaurants in one. It's your hometown joint where everybody knows your name—if your name happens to be "Park" or "Kim." Alternatively, for those of us with names more like Olsen, it's the place where you can order by number, or throw yourself under the tutelage of the kind waitress, who will walk you patiently through the bulgogi (sweet and tender marinated beef), dolsot bi bim bap (rice, marinated veggies, meat, and a fried egg served in a hot stone bowl), japchae (clear sweet potato noodles), and the endless fiery soups. On weekend nights, Korean families gather, pull tables together, plop kids in high chairs, and let the parade of little spicy pickled dishes begin. Even if you're a timid eater, once you see how fearless even those little toddlers are, "We'll have what they're having" seems a much safer bet.

Location Details

1051 E. Moore Lake Road
Fridley MN 55432


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