Crema Café is a little oasis on busy Lyndale Avenue. The tidy building features leafy plants, wrought iron tables, elegant murals, stone floors, tawny-colored walls, a secluded patio—and a literal gallery of awards, all honoring the marvelous ice creams and sorbets that fill the glass display case in the center of all the tasteful decor. And such acclaim is richly deserved: The home of Sonny's ice cream offers many opportunities to tempt the senses with complex creations, like a recent triumph, blackberry cabernet sorbet—a deep red hue combined with a burst of berry sweetness and a mellow finish. All of these treats are handmade in small five-gallon batches, the flavors are seasonal, and fresh organic ingredients abound. Of course the basics are available, too—a velvety chocolate and a smooth vanilla bean—but it's always fun to try the more adventurous concoctions like red bean, fresh ginger, silky olive oil and even an ice cream made with Guinness beer. Load up on the quadruple scoop, spoon up a traditional root beer float, or, if you're feeling dietetic, simply sip a sorbet spritzer. If all this divine ice cream wasn't enough, Crema Café now offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner—with wine—plus an array of homemade baked treats including brownies and banana bread.

Location Details

3403 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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