Let's talk tuna, the talisman of a real fish market, the kind of market you might find on an ocean coast. Coastal is often the only Twin Cities source for sushi-grade tuna. Honest, authentic sushi-grade tuna that hasn't been blasted with carbon dioxide to make it look red. Every day, for the past 25-odd years, Coastal Seafoods, the source for area restaurants, cooking schools, and home cooks, has been offering a dizzying selection of fresh fish from the world's lakes, oceans, rivers, and streams: West Coast Red King Salmon, Dungeness crab, Maryland shedders, blue fish, flounder, skate, East Coast littleneck clams, dry sea scallops, Hawaiian tombo, lake trout and walleye and even smelt. Offering an array of caviars, smoked salmon, and trout, plus pickled herring, the store is a wide wet world. Don't feel like cooking? Coastal will poach a salmon or stew up a bouillabaisse ($5.99 a pint) to pass off as your own.

Location Details

2330 Minnehaha Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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