There are many ways to judge the excellence of a dim sum palace, but for us, the decisive factor has always been dumplings. Mandarin Kitchen has the most: chive flower dumplings, with their dark greens peeking through the translucent wrappers; cilantro dumplings, fragrant with herbs; pork dumplings that are fat and wide as grins; pork dumplings with quail eggs; pork dumplings with cheerful squares of carrot; dumplings topped with quivering sea scallops; soup dumplings, bursting with broth; and, of course, shrimp dumplings of every possible form and style. Of course, Mandarin Kitchen has everything else you want in dim sum: hot chow fun noodles, crunchy vegetables, taro cakes, sea cucumber salad, tiny red-oil squid, congee, sticky rice pressed with edible treasures into bowls and steamed inside leaves, and enough room to fit in you, your family, and everyone in your whole office.

Location Details

8766 Lyndale Ave. S.
Bloomington MN 55420


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