The Riverview is the heart of the Longfellow neighborhood. That's not your neighborhood? That's okay. Pull up a chair. Weekend mornings at the Riverview belong to babies and toddlers and their sleepy parents, nursing lattes. (The Riverview's clean, carpeted kiddie area is unparalleled and kept comfortably separate from more sedate seating areas.) The afternoons give way to couples quietly sharing sections of the newspaper. Local live acts and the standout Riverview Wine Bar next door draw a grown-up crowd on weekend nights. Weekday evenings are ruled by book clubs, knitting klatches, and community groups. The Riverview's fare is standard coffeehouse stuff, plus real Thai coffee and some luscious cakes and torts. And, oh yeah, kiddie-sized bags of animal crackers.

Location Details

3745 42nd Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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