Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet temptation. Remember catching Swedish fish in your mouth, or picking candy dots off their paper strip hiding behind your math book, or sucking a Fire Ball slowly and examining how its coating changed as the searing cinnamon mellowed? (Maybe you're one of the unlucky ones the teacher made stick a wad of Bazooka on your nose and keep it there until lunch—what a waste of gum!) If you are one of those naughty, greedy, sugar-crazed kids, welcome to Candyland, a bright haven of sticky memories and childhood fantasies. In this caramel-scented, cheery, upbeat place, you can ogle towers of gumballs, stare into vats of fudge, and goggle at barrels of taffy all day long. It's like being in Willy Wonka's factory, no golden ticket required—your ticket in is your yen for almond bark, peanut brittle jujus, gumdrops, white chocolate Oreos, and chocolate cherries. What to choose? Go on, let loose, get everything! Bring along a ten-year-old boy or two and buy what they point to. Then, make sure they pack it in their lunch boxes to take to school to show those mean old teachers. Revenge has never been so simple, or so very sweet.


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