Sean's command of ground beans, water, froth, and heat is thorough enough to satisfy even the most fastidious 1/3-decaf latte fiend. He's fleet of foot and finger, too, thank goodness. Otherwise, the MCTC students who sometimes storm Espresso Royale's Hennepin store would have torn the soft-spoken, curly-haired barista limb from lanky limb long ago. Is he friendly? He introduces himself the first time you're engaged in anything even vaguely resembling a conversation—and always remembers your name. Plus, he's always up for a chat should your paths cross off-site. But all that's boilerplate tip bait. Where Sean really excels is music programming. Sure, he'll play Bob Marley at a customer's behest. But, left to his own devices, he's far more likely to drop the adventurous likes of Animal Collective, Akron/Family, and sundry other artists that send you running to him with questions. Best of all, he knows exactly where to put the volume: never conversation-impeding, always frisky enough to make you feel as though you're actually out, rather than just consuming a stimulant in public. For less than the price of a Miller Lite, it's royal treatment indeed.

Location Details

1229 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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