Paul Douglas

Save for a brief and unsuccessful stint in Chicago (where his Windy City rooftop weathercasts earned him the nickname "the Goof on the Roof"), Douglas has been a fixture in the Twin Cities television market since 1983. It's no mystery why Douglas has lasted so long. He is the consummate pro. He doesn't stumble or mumble. He speaks in clear English. Unlike a lot of forecasters, Douglas seldom talks as if an impending two-inch snowfall could turn out to be the blizzard of the century. He deserves additional kudos for speaking about one truly scary topic: global warming. This sets him apart from his cohorts in the market, especially KSTP veteran Dave Dahl, who insists it is "arrogant" to assume that the actions of human beings could lead to serious changes in weather. By contrast, Douglas has testified before the state Legislature, penned an introduction to the locally produced report on global warming The Heat Is On, and written serious articles on the subject for the Star Tribune. Like the late Bruce Watson (that wild-haired hobbit who used to appear on TPT's Almanac weather segments), Douglas is a bona fide weather obsessive. In addition to scribbling out his daily weather column for the Strib, Douglas has also written a book about weather: Restless Skies: The Ultimate Weather Book. It's kind of nice when you realize that the weatherman actually knows a thing or two about weather.


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